What do we do?

DC-DC converter (Isolated and non-isolated), voltage from 12vdc to 1000vdc, power from 1-200kw.

AC DC power supply, voltage from 0 to 200kv, current from 0-20k amps. 

DC AC inverter, dc voltage from 12vdc to 2000vdc, and power from 100w to 500kw. 

AC AC power source, single phase or 3 phases, 10-500hz, power supply from 1kva to 500kva.

AC DC Ground Power Unit, from 300 amps to 50000 amps.

Who we are?

We have own factories (locate in shenzhen China), and more than 20 cooperationed factories, more than 60 workers and 10000 different models with specification of power supply.

It is one of suppliers on integrating , developing, manufacture , sales,engineering design and construction for different kind of power supply.

We strict implement the operation guideline of  “Leading Technology, Reliable Quality, Satisfactory Service & Customers First ! ”.


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